SEO in 2020 – Are Domains with Backlinks Still Viable?

Finding domains with established backlinks has been a proven SEO strategy for years.

However, is it still a viable option right now? Does it work as well as it used to in the past, or has it fizzled out?

These are questions new website owners are asking, and rightly so. Whether you are setting up a new blog or a business website, it’s important to figure out whether an authority SEO domain is a way to go.

To answer this query, let’s take a look at the advantages of domains with backlinks.

Faster Rankings with Aged SEO Domains

Trying to rank for a keyword on Google is difficult, but domains with backlinks work quickly. This means you can start ranking within weeks once the website is up and running.

This is rarely possible with a new domain unless you are lucky or go after a below-par keyword. This is why it’s always viable to choose a domain with backlinks because it has more authority in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

Established Authority

You will have established authority with major search engines, which is essential when it’s time to build a website. It allows you to work from a strong foundation, which doesn’t need basic backlinks to rank higher. This alone will save quite a bit of time and make your life easier while adding content.

Exponential Growth

The reason domains with backlinks are still viable has to do with the exponential growth.

It’s not always easy to see this type of growth with new domains. While it’s possible, newer domains tend to take a bit of time to establish their footing online, and this isn’t an easy place to be for the average website owner.

Focus on finding a high-quality domain with backlinks, and the growth will come at an exponential rate.

Final Thoughts on SEO & Domains

In the end, yes, domains with backlinks are viable and encouraged.

As long as you are going with an SEO domain that’s been vetted, the advantages are endless. Everything will go smoother with this type of domain, and it will make your life easier over the long-term. Otherwise, starting with a brand-new domain means having to wait for long periods to see any traction!

If you can find a world-class domain with established backlinks, it’s certainly the best way to go.

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