A Discussion On Digital Marketing In The Fleet Insurance Industry

Fleet insurance is basically the provision of insurance to an entire fleet of vehicles that a company may have within one policy. As a result of this type of insurance, any one of your employees can drive any of your company’s vehicles and be covered by the insurance company in the event that they get into an accident. As you can see, this is very valuable to business owners and a lot more cost-effective than purchasing separate insurance policies for every vehicle in your fleet. With that said, many insurance companies find it difficult to market this type of insurance policy and we will now take a look at a few digital marketing methods.

First of all, social media is a great place to start since most people who have access to the internet, also use social media platforms. Also, many business owners use social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc for both personal and professional use. As a result, this is a great place to advertise to them through the use of targeted ads. Facebook, in particular, has an excellent tool that allows you to easily define the demographics that you want to show your ad to. So, you can actually specify that you want to reach out to business owners only. This will allow you to focus your ad a great deal and gain a higher number of conversions. Also, you can use Facebook and other social media platforms to educate people about your motor fleet insurance website, which is definitely a huge benefit.

Next, we will look at SEO or search engine optimisation and PPC or Pay Per Click. SEO is very useful when it comes to driving traffic and you should aim to do SEO for your insurance company so that it ranks at the top of Google for its keywords. So, for example, if you provide fleet insurance in Leeds, then you should aim to rank your website in at least one of the top three spots for keywords such as “fleet insurance Leeds” or “best fleet insurance company in Leeds”. When you rank for these type of keywords, you will get a lot more targeted traffic to your site, which will result in new customers. If you don’t want to do SEO, then you can look into PPC. Instead of optimising your site, you can simply pay for ads from Google, Bing or other high traffic marketplaces.

To wrap things up, we have just looked at digital marketing in the fleet insurance industry. By putting a good deal of effort in digital marketing, you will get more customers over time. So, make sure you research and implement a few of the strategies listed above and you will be selling more insurance policies than ever before.